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IZAYOI 'IZZY' Character Reference and Biography by NattiKay IZAYOI 'IZZY' Character Reference and Biography by NattiKay

Name: Izayoi [Izzy] | 十六夜 [いじ] | "The Sixteenth Night"
Gender: Female
Birthday: November 24, 1553 (modern equiv. 2003)

Parents: Inuyasha and Kagome
Siblings: Shippo(adopted), Michi, Kikyo, Yukio, Kiotsu, Moriko

Current Stats
Age: 7
Height: 44" (3'8")
Weight: 43.2 lbs

Izayoi is very outgoing and is the one of the biggest chatterboxes you'll ever meet. She'll talk to anyone and everyone and is not one to keep a secret. She has absolutely no problem announcing how she feels and when she feels it and tends to be very opinionated. Her extroverted nature gives her a knack for making friends, though despite her open friendliness, some see her constant enthusiasm as an annoyance.

Unlike her elder brother, Michi, who tends to shy away from conflict, Izzy faces her opposers head-on. Despite undoubtedly having a girly streak (just about every article of clothing she owns is pink), she's not afraid to get down-and-dirty to defend herself and her friends. Definitely the drama queen, her emotions run a bit on the strong side and her arguments can get heated very quickly, often escalating to the screaming-while-face-turns-red extreme. After the heat of the moment dies down, however, she feels bad about her outburst and usually ends up either stubbornly grumpy or crying for Mom.

As a child, Izzy has a very short attention span. If something strikes her interest, she'll likely remember it, but other things--such as rules and instructions--tend to go in one ear and out the other, which naturally leads to some frustration on her parent's behalf. She's very much the type to nod and say "yes ma'am" even though she wasn't listening at all. Though she doesn't mean to intentionally cause trouble, her big imagination and adventurous nature often lead to crazy schemes and plans (sometimes getting Michi, Kikyo, or even Yukio involved, as well as the MirSan kids when they're around to play) that don't always end up as she had initially imagined. Being of the spontaneous sort, Izzy would vastly prefer playing an adventurous role-playing type game where she gets to be the hero and make up the rules as she goes than an organized sport with set rules and regulations. She likes to do her things her way and can sometimes get a bit bossy, especially with her siblings.

Izzy could honestly care less about her youkai heritage. Her ears are just a part of her and that's how it is. She accepts it, but doesn't think much of's not a good thing, it's not a bad thing, it just is.  As a toddler, she hated people calling them "dog ears", avidly insisting on "Izzy-ears" instead. In relation to this, she's naturally very open to any species, indiscriminate. She likes to befriend people: human, youkai, and hanyou alike. She doesn't see much of a difference in the different species other than their appearances and gets very frustrated when others do (especially when it's against her for being 25% youkai) or when the villagefolk try to warn her not to befriend youkai. She always responded with "she wouldn't befriend the evil ones, just the good ones. Humans have evil people, too, and she doesn't befriend them, either. She can tell which ones are bad." And certainly so, Izzy seems to have a built-in knack for sensing malicious feelings and energy, and ability that serves her well in later years.

Izzy is very individualistic and doesn't like being told what to do. She's very much a "my way or the highway" type of girl and gets very stubborn about her ideas.

"Default": Simple pink kimono.
Pajamas: Light pink footies with heart-shaped paw print designs.
Modern: Sleeveless dress; pocket on the front of the chest with a picture of a watermelon. Wears a white short-sleeve shirt underneath.
Hoodie: Based on one of my hoodies.
Summer: A pink outfit that falls just above the knees and a green one that falls just below the knees. Both use a red obi tied in the back. The obi for the green one creates a large bow; the pink one, a much smaller simple tie.

Stuff She Owns
Rosary: Izzy's rosary looks quite different from her brother's and father's; it is made up of all small, maroon-ish colored beads. These bead are connected to the red thread around her neck in the priestess uniform. Though Izzy has less youki than even Michi, she does still have enough to block her ability to preform spiritual attacks. Izzy's rosary, created/enchanted by Kagome herself and obtained in her teen years, completely seals her small youki when worn, allowing her to use the purer energy more freely.

Locket: A trinket from the second movie, I don't include this accessory very often. This feature is for those of you who do consider scenes from the second movie as part of your headcanons (which I no longer do). Izzy found it as a toddler while "exploring" stuff in the house. Curious, she looked it over and brought it out to her mother. Kagome, of course, was surprised to find her daughter with the artifact (and was perhaps even more surprised that Inuyasha still had it), but she helped the toddler open it to discover the angry portraits inside, a bit faded after all the years, but still there nonetheless. Izzy stared at it for a moment, not quite so happy to see her parents so upset in the old images, and then ran off into the other room. She came back a few minutes later, proudly holding up the locket towards her mother. Kagome took it, and was amused and somewhat touched at what she saw. A messy ink-blotch lined each photo, covering the mouths in an upwards curve. She'd tried to make them smile!

Seeing this, and knowing neither she nor Inuyasha ever really used the necklace anymore, she let Izzy keep it, something the little girl was quite excited about, though she stopped wearing it around when she got older. Though needless to say, as amused as Kagome was when she saw Izzy's renditions to the locket, she was a bit less so when she walked into the other room to see the spilled ink all over the floor...

Height: 5'3"
Weight: 114 lbs
Occupation: Priestess

Izayoi actually went on to be trained by her mother as a priestess, beginning mostly in her early teen years. Now, you may be thinking, why on Earth would such a rambunctious and spontaneous child go on to train as a priestess? Well, that personality is exactly why. Her training taught her strong mental control. Though she possessed the outgoing traits of her childhood, she learned to control her more spontaneous aspects and to keep her thoughts to herself when necessary. Keeping her more extreme feelings pent inside actually turned out to be a help to her. If she kept them it to long, she could reach a breaking point, but she found an alternative way to release them: by concentrating their emotional energy into her attacks, thus increasing the strength of said attack. Using her rosary to suppress her youki as well as her natural sense of evil intentions to aid her decisions, Izayoi grew to be a fair force to be reckoned with by around her 20s. Though she never grew to be as strong as her mother (Kagome is pretty darn powerful!), she could handle most situations on her own, and her "do it my way" ideas led her to develop some effective ways of her own to eliminate evil youkai.

She began traveling and became a bit of a wanderer like Miroku was at the beginning of the series, going from village to village to exorcise youkai and gained specialized knowledge and abilities in healing wounds inflicted by those youkai. She gained a reputation as the "dog-eared priestess", rumors saying that she looked mostly like a woman, but with those flopping dog ears, and she could heal any injury that a youkai could have caused. Some thought that she was a youkai herself, others that she was some sort of spirit, and others just weren't sure what she was (though she was willing to explain her heritage if anyone would just ask. The thing was that few cared to ask, or perhaps were afraid.) Nonetheless, she was also said to be friendly, effective in her job, and could be hired for a fair price, so many people asked for her help despite her questionable appearance.

And of course, despite mostly traveling, she did come back to her home village every once in a while to visit with the rest of her family.

-Yes, her ears are floppy. Yes, they stay like that her whole life.
-Izayoi does NOT have fangs or claws.
-She does NOT have any demonic powers. She can, however, preform spirit-based attacks while wearing her rosary.
-Yes, she was named after her grandmother.

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